Simplify how you deliver software

Bring together all your applications into one single platform using AppsAnywhere!

There are many ways that universities and colleges deliver applications. Unifying all these delivery methods into a single 'app store' style portal gives a clear and central point of access for all academic applications, regardless of the device, location, or technology used!

By using AppsAnywhere and integrating it with your existing technologies, you can improve the student experience, and make life so much easier for your IT department…

Create a digital toolbox

We combine AppsAnywhere with different software delivery methods to create an overall delivery solution that saves you both time and money!

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Manage all your applications centrally
Delivering Windows apps to non-Windows devices

Improve the user experience from day one

Reducing the number of places where users get software makes the student experience awesome and reduces security threats.

About Parallels RAS

With more than 10 campuses it was an easy decision. We can package an application once and deploy it to all other campuses.

Dieter De Gendt, Program Manager, Thomas More University College

Migrate to more cost-effective technologies

Once students are using AppsAnywhere, you can migrate the delivery tools used in the background to more cost-effective technologies. For example, you might want to scale back on VDI and use application virtualization instead. Do all this without affecting your end-users!

All integrations

AppsAnywhere integration with Citrix and VMware
Delivering Windows software to Chromebooks

Make life easier for IT

Having a centralized point of access for software is awesome for students, and it's great for IT too! You can see exactly which apps are being deployed through which technologies, to which students and to which types of device.

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Improve student outcomes by delivering a better IT service, on and off campus. Make any app available on any device, enable BYOD and repurpose your dedicated lab spaces, all without the need for complex VDI environments.