How can IT improve student outcomes?

IT is a huge part of university life, from course-specific software to online streamed lessons. Having AppsAnywhere as part of your IT service means you can enable students to work on their own device, wherever and whenever they want!

Giving students this increased flexibility means that they are no longer restricted by tight schedules or geographical constraints.

The easier we can make it for them, the better!​

Student expectations are that they get the software they need when they need it. They don’t have regular schedules, they’re not 9-5, they’re up all hours, they have jobs, we have a lot of students who have families, so for their experience to be the best, they need to be able to excess software at home, at any time! 

Lynne Wood, Director of IT, Georgian College, Canada

Students love flexibility

Campus labs have so much more potential than simple rows of PCs. Deliver all your software to any device on and off campus and give students the power to choose where and when they study.

Deliver a better IT service and improve student outcomes
Enable student BYOD and improve student outcomes

Students want software, ​NOW

Students don't want to have to wait for it to install or download, they expect it to work on-demand! ​With AppsAnywhere you can improve the student experience by delivering virtualized apps quickly its as if they're installed.

Student want to use their own devices

​Most students have their own devices which are more than capable of running their academic apps. Enable BYOD and give them access to university-licensed software wherever they are.

Improve student outcomes by making academic apps available anywhere

How our customers have improved the student experience...

York University

York University

Learn how Ontario's York University is improving student outcomes and student success by delivering software across campus on demand, to any device. Learn why the University replaced its existing VDI infrastructure to deliver apps to Windows and non-Windows devices in a consistent way at anytime.