Spend more time supporting your students. Not your campus labs.

Campus labs are a staple at most universities or colleges across the world. However, this localized method of software delivery is often expensive, laborious, and restrictive to modern requirements.

AppsAnywhere enables you to deliver software directly to student owned devices saving you money on hardware costs and providing your students with the flexibility to learn!

The existing methods of delivering software to campus labs are broken. Turn your existing campus lab spaces into open access or 'virtual' labs and improve student outcomes by delivering any app to any lab device on-demand. And all while reducing the burden, time and cost for IT.

Reduce the number of specialist labs

Using AppsAnywhere can help you reduce your ‘specialist labs’ meaning more flexibility in scheduling and fewer restrictions in course structuring! Freedom for your students as well as your staff!

Reduce the number of specialist labs
Repurpose dedicated lab real estate

Repurpose dedicated lab space

Improve the student experience by offering more flexible and consistent access to software, so students can work to their schedule and convenience. By providing multiple options for students to choose from during peak times, you can ensure they always have the resources and access they need to succeed!

Flexibility of virtual labs

By making any app accessible from any campus device, students can choose to work in the spaces they find to be most productive, engaging and inspiring. Students no longer need to go to a set lab space and instead can ‘create’ their own ‘labs’ wherever they choose, making collaboration and flexible learning even easier.

‘Virtual’ labs and open-access learning areas

Why do universities still have so many computer labs?

In this session, presented by Pitt State University CIO Angela Neria, learn how AppsAnywhere has helped IT deliver software more efficiently, enabling 'virtual' labs across campus.

A benefit of AppsAnywhere is that it gives you universal lab space. Any software is available anywhere. It improves students' experiences here on our campus because it provides consistent access to software in any lab.

Angela Neria, CIO at Pitt State University

About the speaker:

Angela Neria: Angela is the Chief Information Officer for Pittsburg State University, located in Pittsburg, KS. Angela specializes in the subjects of educational and emerging technologies, technology leadership & strategic planning. Angela has been active in the field of educational technology since 1999.

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Improve student outcomes by delivering a better IT service, on and off campus. Make any app available on any device, enable BYOD and repurpose your dedicated lab spaces, all without the need for complex VDI environments.



Make informed strategic IT decisions by understanding how students are consuming academic applications, including how, where and when.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Technical specs for AppsAnywhere, including server infrastructure, Active Directory integration and other technical requirements.