Our very own Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere's CEO, has been named as one of the 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in 2017 by Insight Success.

May’s edition features their selection of entrepreneurs who they believe have made a difference in the business world, who are passionate about what they do, and some are even considered the best tech-geeks around.

Insight Success call Tony the 'Dark Knight of cool EdTech' who is determined to enable universities to deliver an improved student experience using the latest technologies. The piece goes on to discuss the struggles AppsAnywhere, like many others, have experienced as a start-up, how they have overcome the odds, and how listening to our customers’ needs is what has separated us from our competitors.

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere CEO

Tony then went on to say that “AppsAnywhere is proving to be the next big challenge!” but for the market to watch this space! Nick Johnson was also mentioned as Tony’s balanced and patient co-founder, who has worked hard with Tony to add perspective on the journey AppsAnywhere has taken.

"Many tech companies fall in love with the tech or latest widget, but for us it has always been about solving a real-world problem, and being known as the best in the university virtualization market. (…)"

Nowadays it’s a real team effort. I am so proud of the guys in every office. In many ways, we have been lucky as everyone who has walked through our door and joined AppsAnywhere is awesome. Without this amazing team, AppsAnywhere would not be where it is today – as the leading provider in virtualization technology to universities.

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere CEO

The article finishes with Tony’s advice to young entrepreneurs; “the biggest advice I would give is to be true to yourself. If you have found a problem that you can solve in a better way than anyone else, then speak to the person you are solving it for. What do they think the value is? Listen and continue to listen.”

The whole team at AppsAnywhere are extremely grateful for Tony’s wisdom and support throughout the years, and we are thrilled to see Tony being recognised for the work he's put in to make AppsAnywhere what it is today.

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Discover AppsAnywhere...

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