Striving for Innovation

Here at AppsAnywhere, we're proud to work with so many remarkable higher education institutions, and by providing a service that improves student outcomes whilst making their IT teams' lives easier, we're as motivated as ever to keep striving for innovation across the entirety of the higher education sector.

This is why we're making some changes to our in-house packaging service. After speaking to many universities and colleges benefitting from AppsAnywhere, we've discovered ways to increase flexibility for customers, simplify their workload, and ultimately offer more value from our dedicated Packaging Service team.

We see all our customers more like partners, and continually finding new ways to add value is what gives us the get-up-and-go!

The AppsAnywhere Packaging Service is now a three-part solution committed to making packaging less of a chore.

Check out the changes we're making to improve your IT efficiency.

Menu Apps

Firstly, let us introduce you to our brand-new Menu Apps. These are replacing our app bands and simplifying how to use our Packaging Service and get the packaged applications you need.

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Requesting Menu Apps:

  • By speaking to your AppsAnywhere Support Team, you can request any application from our Packaging Menu to be packaged for you.
  • Each application has a Packaging Credits price listed next to it, which can be easily purchased upon request.
  • You can also make use of our App Bundles too, saving credits whilst choosing some of our most popular apps.

What are the changes?


We understand the need for flexibility, that's why credits won't expire for 12 months, meaning you can request packaging support specifically when you need it.


AppsAnywhere strives to simplify lives, and so we’ve done away with minimum purchase limits as well, meaning you can purchase as many or as few credits as you need.


Creating value is something we pride ourselves on, and therefore all our apps have one credit price all year round! Peak pricing is a thing of the past!

Need a little extra?
If you have a bespoke application that isn’t on our Packaging Menu, our expert team is still here to help.
We're always looking to increase the list!

Auto Apps

Secondly, our recently launched product feature, Auto App Licensing, helps to remove the need for application packaging entirely. Simply insert your license key into your AppsAnywhere platform, and we’ll provide the package.


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The Beauty of Auto App Licensing:

  • Auto Apps are included free of charge to all customers as part of your AppsAnywhere subscription.
  • We’re always looking up at AppsAnywhere, so we’re determined to have 50 of the most popular higher education apps available for Auto App Licensing by the end of this year. We’re already at more than 40 by the halfway mark so we’re well on our way!
  • With more and more Auto Apps being added all the time, we’re starting to look at huge app bundles like the Adobe Creative Suite. We’re doing our best to make them available as soon as possible. The good news is that when the app bundles are available, they’ll all be free of charge!

For more information about how our Auto App Licensing feature works, see our Packaging Service terms and conditions.

Last but not least, our free-of-charge instant 50! Every higher education institution that joins the AppsAnywhere community receives 50 free apps, maintained by our Packaging Service. No need to subscribe, no need to package them, they’re simply ready to deploy instantly.

When are these changes taking place?

We’re excited to announce these changes to our AppsAnywhere Packaging Service will take place on the 1st of September 2022, ready for the new academic year.

As part of these changes, we’re also updating our Packaging Service terms and conditions, including our packaging SLAs, to be more consistent and offer more value as quickly as we can. We’re reducing the time on our Menu Apps and bespoke requests by 14%, meaning at the very most packaging will take just 30 days. We, of course, will always endeavor to deliver your packages as quickly as possible.

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