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The article (read in full below) highlights AppsAnywhere's ability to provide software to students on any device, how we can virtualize 100% of apps, any why the technology is invaluable for both today's Gen Z students and University IT, alike.


AppsAnywhere From AppsAnywhere Improves The Student Experience By Making Any App Available On Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time.

Software virtualization isn’t new by any means. In fact in most cases it’s a process despised by campus IT professionals everywhere. Most software virtualization products are clunky, slow and hard to deploy. Consider the fact that you may have to deploy to over 10,000 students and that’s a recipe for a huge headache.

While students eagerly await the new school year and a new semester, the IT departments at colleges and universities everywhere are preparing for thousands of new students, thousands of new devices and the need to get the same software out to all of them. It’s not like in a K-12 environment where you can deploy software across a 1:1 school with the push of a button, or is it?

AppsAnywhere from AppsAnywhere has simplified the software virtualization process to insure that the software students are learning on and about is available to them on any device, anytime and anywhere. Many virtualization companies won’t tell you up front what software packages they are compatible with, AppsAnywhere can virtualize 100% of Windows apps, period. Whether the program is brand new and filled with bells and whistles, or was written on DOS if it runs on a Windows machine it runs on AppsAnywhere.

What this means is that students can start a project in class, or even on a lab computer, work on it on their tablet on the bus, on their laptop in their dorm room or even mom and dad’s rickety old desktop. AppsAnywhere knows that today’s Gen Z students demand things to be easy, and available wherever they are. While other virtualization companies shy at that, AppsAnywhere and AppsAnywhere has embraced it.

AppsAnywhere also makes AppsAnywhere a breeze for the IT department. After set up, they simply set the parameters for each piece of software and voila. Students access their available software titles through the college or university’s AppsAnywhere app store on whatever device they choose.

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