Building on past trends, we at AppsAnywhere have grown from strength to strength over the past year. We've helped record numbers of higher education institutions deploy their software. We've brought AppsAnywhere to new markets and have begun working with Managed Service and Desktop-as-a-Service providers.

And now, with great pride and unbridled excitement, AppsAnywhere are proud to unveil our new digital and physical headquarters; The Foresters Arms in Sherburn in Elmet and a totally refreshed!

Tony Austwick, Nick Johnson & Ryan Heath

The Foresters Arms

After a stint in Thorpe Park Leeds' Regus, it was decided that a tech company as cool and cutting-edge as AppsAnywhere needed a place to call its own. We needed an office, nay, a home. A headquarters. A lair. A den. A Fortress of Solitude (though we prefer 'Fortress of Collaboration'). And so, following the decision to seek our new home, where better to begin the search than a pub? Answer: A conveniently for-sale pub! A couple of Several pints and some friendly interaction with locals later, we had bought a pub.

Without further ado, please feel free to take a look around...


Foresters Arms office pre renovation
Foresters Arms bar pre renovation
Foresters Arms hallway pre renovation
Foresters Arms office mid renovation


The Forewsters Arms frontage post renovation
Foresters Arms office post renovation
Foresters Arms office post renovation
Foresters Arms bar post renovation
Foresters Arms bar post renovation 02

To add to the excitement of our lovely new office, marketing has been hidden away and hard at work on a full website refresh, complete with all the trimmings! We took the decision to refresh based upon a number of key objectives.

A visual refresh inline with slight brand changes

Over the past year, our brand has evolved aesthetically. Whilst not a comprehensive rebrand, we wanted to update slightly in order for our brand to reflect new visual styles in the product and to communicate some of the incredible new features we've implemented in 2.6 and will implement in 2.7.

Update of navigation and structure

The more new features and integrations we add to AppsAnywhere, the more we have to talk about! We have restructured the entire site, retaining the existing skeleton structure and using a series of dropdowns for navigation. Some key changes to navigation and structure are as follows:

  • AppsAnywhere overview, features and technical info, along with integrations and key integrations are all arranged under the 'Software' drop down.
  • Information on key use cases, solutions and per-industry benefits are located in the 'Solutions' drop down
  • Latest Resource Centre posts are navigable in the Resource Centre' dropdown along with category links which will be used for some exciting new content structures in the future!
  • Our legacy secondary header has been removed with its menu items having been moved to the footer.

Intelligent content delivery

In September we bought HubSpot to help us understand knowledge gaps and queries in our industry and to address them. through producing content in the form of complimentary whitepapers, live and recorded webinars and case studies of how key higher education IT departments are overcoming universal challenges and delivering software with a stellar user-experience. HubSpot has also empowered us to provide more effective methods for website users to select relevant content for intelligent delivery going forward.

AppsAnywhere and AppsAnywhere Legacy Brand identity

Brand identity 2017

AppsAnywhere and AppsAnywhere new Brand identity

Brand identity refresh 2019 legacy home page

2017 home page new home page

2019 home page legacy AppsAnywhere page

2017 AppsAnywhere page new AppsAnywhere page

2019 AppsAnywhere page