The results are in and St Andrews University lead the way in this years’ National Student Survey (NSS) with an impressive 94% of students reporting overall satisfaction with their course.

For UK Universities, NSS scores are a major factor affecting student recruitment, and over the past few years nearly every institution has prioritised a programme of work to improve the student experience. The survey focuses on a number of areas, such as course satisfaction, academic support, and learning resources.

This year over 3 million students from across the UK completed the NSS. The annual survey is a key measure of student satisfaction across 357 higher education institutions. In order to appear in the results, at least 50 per cent of final year undergraduates must complete the questionnaire.

AppsAnywhere have been working with St Andrews over the last 18 months to provide a University app store, allowing students to work flexibly, launching any app on any University PC, as well as on personal laptops on and off campus, and it is clear that their students have so far loved working with AppsAnywhere.

It comes as no surprise to us to see St Andrews at the top of the Times Higher student satisfaction table, having seen first-hand the team’s dedication to delivering a first class student experience.

Lancaster University have also risen into the ‘top 5’ for student satisfaction this year, having first delivered support for student BYOD with a University app store back in 2015. Along with St Andrews, Lancaster also recorded over 90% student approval for the key survey question of:

I have been able to access course-specific resources (e.g. equipment, facilities, software, collections) when I needed to.

S2 Customers scoring over 90% on the question above

  1. University of St Andrews 92%
  2. Imperial College London 91%
  3. The University of Lancaster 91%
  4. Coventry University 91%
  5. Sheffield Hallam University 90%
  6. Nottingham Trent University 90%

It’s a growing trend with a total of six AppsAnywhere customers scoring higher than 90% on this question – all of them delivering course specific apps to students with AppsAnywhere, including Imperial College London and Sheffield Hallam University, who both rose a staggering 44 places in the Times Higher NSS rankings vs last year!

In fact, our analysis of the latest results shows that, on average, AppsAnywhere customers improve their NSS ranking by 10 places over the course of the project.

We're certainly not claiming any direct correlation here, but this figure highlights the student-centric approach that our education customers are taking to improving the University experience.

On behalf of everyone at AppsAnywhere, we’d like to say a huge congratulations to all of our UK University customers who are clearly ahead of the pack and delivering an awesome student experience!

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