Offering More Value

Introducing… AppsAnywhere Cloud!

AppsAnywhere was created to improve student outcomes whilst reducing IT headaches for institutions across the world. We’re proud to see this happening at over 300 institutions for over 4 million students already. That doesn’t mean we can’t continue to keep offering more value, customization, and flexibility to institutions. Students learn in various ways, and we understand institutions deliver their academic software in unique ways too.

“We've been in the Higher Ed Industry for a long time and our customers always demanded the on-premises nature of our products and what we've seen especially in the last three years is a total shift away from that.” – Pete Cooke, AppsAnywhere COO

As the Higher Ed Industry continues to evolve in a post-pandemic era, we’re committed to providing the best service we can to our customers by meeting their unique needs. We’re proud to announce that AppsAnywhere now offers a cloud solution available to all customers as an optional extra when implementing their AppsAnywhere platform.

We offer a flexible range of hosting choices, including customer-managed deployments
(whether that’s on-premises or in a BYO Cloud platform), and our all-in-one AppsAnywhere Cloud solution.

AppsAnywhere Cloud

We’re dedicated to helping higher ed IT teams across the world deliver software to students as efficiently and effectively as possible. So, we felt it was only right, to introduce our AppsAnywhere Cloud solution which allows higher ed IT teams to focus on their application delivery methods without having to worry about server maintenance and hosting headaches!

The Perks of AppsAnywhere Cloud:

  • We’re always looking ahead towards the next AppsAnywhere version release, we’ll take care of all the upgrades so you can benefit from the new features we’re adding all the time
  • Tidy up the IT task list by letting us offer our helping hand in maintaining your Azure-backed AppsAnywhere Cloud solution.
  • Receive the same great on-premises performance paired with cloud simplicity without needing the IT infrastructure.
  • Receive devoted support from our specialist Support and Customer Success teams on hand to provide you with support for your AppsAnywhere platform.
  • Unlike other products on the market, AppsAnywhere Cloud has no variable usage costs month to month. One simple annual price for the complete package.

Need more info?
Our expert implementations team are available to discuss our exciting new solution in more detail
and to confirm specific details and needs.

A Variety of Hosting Options

We’re committed to offering our customers the flexibility of choice when it comes to where AppsAnywhere is hosted, which is why as we drive towards our vision of AppsAnywhere SaaS, we’ll continue to make our product available for deployment into your own environment (on-prem or in your own cloud), for those universities and colleges that prefer that option.

Whichever option you choose, our detailed customer journey is designed to get you up and running with all the training and support you need to make the most of the benefits AppsAnywhere offers, with total parity of performance wherever it’s hosted.