AppsAnywhere announces key partnership with KPN to bring AppsAnywhere and the company's leading approach to software delivery and on-demand access to universities across the Netherlands.

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom - March 8, 2018

AppsAnywhere, distributed by UNI5D in the Benelux region, and KPN have joined forces to create the ideal digital workplace solution for the education market in the Netherlands. This collaboration brings educational institutions across the Netherlands a digital work environment that is reliable, safe and innovative, enabling the student to make optimal use of their apps.

AppsAnywhere is a reputable supplier across North America and Europe and is already the number one player on the market in the UK education sector. In addition to the UK, AppsAnywhere also wants to serve the Dutch market with their unique education portal and believes that they have found the best party in this through KPN. KPN is active with the workplace solution KPN Werkplek and is the market leader in most industries. To make an active contribution to the education market in the Netherlands, KPN has partnered with education technology experts AppsAnywhere. This will deliver a proven solution that meets the high expectations of students and helps educational institutions move forward.

Like most sectors in the Netherlands, the education sector also has to deal with digitization. Lessons are increasingly being given in digital form and the demands and wishes of today’s students are high. Students are the new generation where the availability of technology must always be there and working with apps is more the rule than the exception. In this, AppsAnywhere’s education portal offers the ideal solution whereby the students quickly have easy access to all the applications they need. In addition, students with this portal can quickly find the right information, such as timetables and announcements from the educational institution. This improves the learning experience and increases performance.

Whilst the student is concerned with the simple and quick use of functionality, the educational IT department requires the solution to be reliable and safe. This is what KPN Werkplek provides for; a proven solution that is available anytime and anywhere. By using KPN Werkplek, the educational institutions maintain control over their ICT with a transparent complete P * Q settlement model.

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere’s CEO, comments: “Having worked in the higher education technology sector for many years, the problems universities and colleges face are universal; how do we deploy all our apps to students anywhere and on any device? Our education portal, in collaboration with Cloudpaging from Numecent, has already shown incredible results across the UK and North America, and by partnering with technology experts KPN I believe universities and students across the Netherlands will benefit just the same”.

About AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere was founded in 2009 to enable higher education institutions to deliver an improved student experience using the latest technologies. With offices in Leeds (UK), Boston (USA), Spain and Germany, AppsAnywhere understand the unique challenges of application delivery in the education IT sector and are highly-experienced in solving the problem of delivering any software to any student on any device, on demand.

To date, AppsAnywhere’s AppsAnyhere technology is used by more than 1.5 million students and staff in 150 higher education establishments across North America and Europe. Notable users include University of Michigan (USA), University of St Andrews (UK) and Durham University (UK). Today, 10 apps are launched by university students and staff through AppsAnywhere every second, worldwide.

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About KPN

KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, offering wireline and wireless telephony, internet and TV to consumers and end-to-end telecom and ICT services to business customers. KPN provides wholesale network services to third parties and operates an efficient IP-based infrastructure with global scale in international wholesale through iBasis.

About UNI5D

UNI5D specializes in offering disrupting IT solutions to its clients in the Benelux region, through a unique pay-per-use model. UNI5D is the exclusive distributor of AppsAnywhere in the Netherlands, headquarted at at Maagdenburgstraat 18, 7421 ZC Deventer.

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