It's that time of the year again; AppsAnywhere are supremely proud and tremendously excited to officially announce the release of AppsAnywhere 2.7. For this update we've implemented a number of changes and improvements, including two of the most hotly requested and substantial additions to AppsAnywhere we've ever worked on!

AppsAnywhere Analytics

Read about the new functionality available in AppsAnywhere 2.7's analytics module

Since AppsAnywhere's creation, administrators have been able to access and report on usage statistics from all Cloudpaging launches. It soon became evident that the vision we had of the potential for this data was shared by our customers and enhancements and further development of this feature became a key conversation point in our change request forum.

We can now proudly unveil AppsAnywhere Analytics; the natural progression to reporting and the subject of one of our highest-engaging change requests ever.

AppsAnywhere Analytics tracks a variety of key metrics presented in beautiful custom dashboards, empowering IT to make data-driven decisions on licensing and delivery, as well as easily report findings and trends to relevant departments and people within their organization. Analytics also features a number of 'off-the-shelf' dashboards, including but not limited to:

  • BYOD dashboard
  • Landing dashboard
  • Monthly management summary
  • Software licensing dashboard

With this being just the tip of the iceberg, we are incredibly excited about what our customers will do with the data available in AppsAnywhere Analytics. To learn more please follow the link below. Alternatively please contact your account manager, or get in touch at to arrange a walkthrough.

AppsAnywhere Analytics

AppsAnywhere Analytics custom dashboards

Create customer dashboards in AppsAnywhere Analytics to present insightful and meaningful data elegantly and easily to relevant parties.

App Lists

Another feature in high demand in our change request forum has been App Lists. Many of our customers have seen the value in user-created lists of apps, and we're pleased to announce that this is a staple feature of our 2.7 release. The App List feature can be broken down into four key areas of functionality, those being:

  • Sharing an individual application
  • Filtering the App List via URL
  • Creating and sharing an App List
  • Accessing an App List as an end user

The implications of the App List feature on the end user experience are numerous and will result in easier and more efficient navigation and launching of software by faculty and students. Faculty can create lists of apps for specific course modules and share them via URL with relevant student groups. This can be enacted ahead of time and deployed to VLE bulletin/announcement boards to result in less time accessing and loading software, and more time teaching/learning. Another benefit of this is a great reduction in the likelihood of faculty requiring IT support during lab and lecture theatre time, both of which lend to improved student experience and information retention.

To learn more about how App Lists will function and their potential to increase the value of contact time and improve the student experience, watch the video below, presented by James Walker, Front-End Developer of AppsAnywhere.

Further/complete changes and fixes

Change Requests            

AA-1411/AA-1412: Analytics - Ability to report on data within AppsAnywhere

AA-513/AA-1184: Ability to create an application list URL which can be shared with individuals or added to a VLE.

AA-1246: Ability for admin to provide feedback on the product directly from AppsAnywhere

AA-1564: Linux 'other' category added for unknown Linux distributions

AA-1713: Accessibility enhancements on login

AA-1585: Enhancements to Admin UI

AA-1487: Allow login using UserPrincipleName instead of sAMAccountName

AA-1490: Provisioning of resources based on SAML attributes              


AA-1678: Cloudpaging Launches made through shortcut now display user that launched it rather than user that created the shortcut

AA-1579: Cloudpaging apps no longer incorrectly available on Xbox

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