AppsAnywhere broaden their horizons with a new presence in Germany, to offer AppsAnywhere virtualization technology to central Europe.

As of October 18th AppsAnywhere is expanding their services into Europe as AppsAnywhere GmbH. The new European arm is bringing AppsAnywhere, the company’s market-leading Virtualization and Application Delivery solution, to the higher education markets across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom - November 9, 2017

With the majority of universities in the UK and many more in North America, Spain, Scandinavia and the Benelux region already using the company’s proprietary technology, AppsAnywhere, AppsAnywhere is trusted and loved by IT professionals and students across the world of higher education.

Edward Jansen van Rensburg, Managing Director of AppsAnywhere GmbH, has said: “Having worked in the higher education technology sector for many years, the problems faced are universal; how does my university get 100% of its apps to students on any device, at any time and wherever they are? Our solution, AppsAnywhere, is the perfect tool for combining the most-commonly used software delivery technologies, and has already shown incredible results in the UK. I believe universities across Europe will hugely benefit from our technology just the same.”

AppsAnywhere GmbH will be working with higher education institutions to improve how software is delivered, in a way that the 21st century student expects from their learning experience. With an existing user base of 1.5 million worldwide, AppsAnywhere is well tried and tested. Mr Jansen van Rensburg continues: “With our solution, software applications are cleverly virtualized and delivered to end-users. There’s no other technology capable of bringing 100% of apps to students”. AppsAnywhere supports more than 12 leading delivery technologies, from the likes of Microsoft, VMware and Parallels.

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere CEO, comments: “AppsAnywhere is now the de facto choice for universities looking for the best virtualization solution. We’ve seen an increased demand recently from central Europe and the logical choice is to cement this growth with a new company in the heart of the region. Edward is the ideal man to take our existing solutions, including AppsAnywhere, to universities and colleges looking to use virtualization to enable BYOD and improve the student experience.”

AppsAnywhere GmbH - Eddie and Corne

About AppsAnywhere:

AppsAnywhere is the home of AppsAnywhere, the world's only dedicated education app store, used and loved by students, colleges and universities across the globe. With offices in Leeds (UK), Boston (USA), Spain and Germany, AppsAnywhere are highly-experienced in working within the higher education technology sector, to solve the problem of delivering any software to any user, on demand.

AppsAnywhere’s AppsAnywhere solution is used by more than 1.5 million students in 150 higher education establishments across North America and Europe. Notable users include University of Michigan (USA), University of St Andrews (UK) and Durham University (UK). Today, 10 apps are launched by university students and staff through AppsAnywhere every second, worldwide.

About AppsAnywhere:

AppsAnywhere is a super-cool software deployment and delivery solution. It offers a friendly way for students to get better technology and a better learning experience, by integrating with a variety of technologies (e.g. Microsoft SCCM, Parallels RAS, VMware Horizon, Numecent Cloudpaging) and by using leading application virtualization software; the only solution on the market capable of delivering 100% of software applications on-demand.

AppsAnywhere combines the IT department’s vision with the 21st century student’s expectations: to be able to access any app on any device, at anytime and anywhere, both on and off campus. It transforms the students’ technology and learning experience, and allows the university to take advantage of true BYOD (bring your own device), on both Windows and Mac, whilst reducing the overheads associated with traditional solutions like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

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