AppsAnywhere from AppsAnywhere is changing the way students and staff at colleges and universities access software applications on campus, and off campus, too.

Through an easy-to-use app store interface, desktop, web and mobile software apps can all be made available on demand from any device and any Operating System across campus. And for certain software titles, users can access them on their own personal devices.

While this experience has massive benefits for your students, it also has a huge positive effect on staff at Higher Ed institutions, including faculty, academics, administrators and, of course, the IT department(s).

1) On-demand access

By simply logging into your institution's branded AppsAnywhere app store, end-users can choose from a variety of software that’s ready to run and use with the simple click of the ‘Launch’ button. All access to the various software titles is controlled based on the user’s ID, so only permitted software will be seen and made available.

A user no longer needs to log a ticket with the Service/Help Desk and wait for a technician to schedule an installation. This same convenience also applies when deploying new or replacement equipment.

2) Location independence

Taking advantage of the technology within the AppsAnywhere solution, software applications are more “portable”, meaning that students and staff are no longer confined to specific labs or classrooms on campus. This is particularly beneficial during maintenance, construction, or emergency disruptions to teaching spaces. The class can easily be moved to a new location and the software will follow.

3) Increased security

With each new news cycle containing another data breach headline, security is the concern of everyone. AppsAnywhere provides enhanced security for all users and helps to prevent the infection of viruses, malware, and ransomware-style software.

4) Multiple versions

Software titles are being constantly updated along with the texts used across campus. With AppsAnywhere, multiple versions of the same software can be made available to serve all use cases. A professor can now teach with one version of a business admin software package, while the bursar and accounting use a different version in the back office.

5) Changes and updates

Mid-semester updates to software, even for security protection, can be disruptive to classes and teaching time. The ability for changes and updates to be slipstreamed to faculty, staff, and administrators with minimal impact is a hallmark of AppsAnywhere. No longer do critical security updates or software change requests need to align with a semester break or create “downtime” in labs and classrooms.

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