UCISA23 Leadership Conference

Building on the hugely successful return of our Leadership Conference with UCISA22 last year, for UCISA23 there will be a focus on inspiring and enabling outstanding leadership in IT.

The HE and FE Sectors continue to operate in a challenging period of sustained change. As a result, the need to seek out best practices from both within and outside the sector – as well as the best products and services – has never been greater, to ensure our community has the agility and creativity needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We're proud of our involvement with the UCISA community and are looking forward to immersing ourselves in the endless innovation at UCISA23. Following on from our Balancing BYOD and Cyber Essentials webinar in partnership with UCISA, we're keen to share our story along with hearing the next installment of many institutions' higher ed IT journey.


Liverpool, UK


Mar 21st - 23rd, 2023

Single-Click Access to All Your Higher Ed Software

One Platform - Any Device

Change the way you think about software delivery by bringing together the technologies you already use, including AVD, AppStream, Citrix, & VMWare, to offer equitable, on-demand access to all your students.

Matt Sampson | Business Development Manager

Territories: UK & Ireland

Phone: +44 7966 628 641

Email: matt.sampson@appsanywhere.com

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Better IT Service

Provide a better IT service by always making software available on and off campus.

Improved Insight

Make more informed software delivery decisions with analytical insight.

Reduced Workload

Manage all your software on one platform with a single click!

Single-Click Access

Single-click access to all their apps so they can focus their time more effectively.

Consistent Experience

The best experience with instant access on and off campus at any time of day.

Device Flexibility

The same level of access anywhere, anytime on any device, including BYOD!

Digital Equity

Provide equal access for everyone on and off campus on any device.

Enhanced Experience

Increase enrolment, boost retention and enhance the student experience.

Efficient IT for Less

Unify your delivery technologies to simplify IT efforts and reduce unnecessary costs.

See you at the UCISA23 Leadership Conference!