AppsAnywhere Fest 2022

Welcome to the inaugural AppsAnywhere Fest, where we saw two teams of multi-skilled AppsAnywhere experts go head to head in a unique features-focused hackathon!

AppsAnywhere Fest was created with the aim to take part in engaging challenges to ultimately bring great ideas and great minds together to help accelerate the advances our AppsAnywhere platform makes. We strive to provide a great platform and solution for higher education institutions and AppsAnywhere Fest 2022 did not disappoint in helping us take the next steps to implement great new features!


The Hackathon

So, what exactly is the hackathon?

For the hackathon, some of our US and UK employees took to the skies and mixed up the teams. In these two teams, we had employees from a range of departments from development, support, and sales all coming together and helping to 'hack up' two amazing new features for the AppsAnywhere platform in just 24 hours!

So, what were the two amazing new features?

After months of submissions of inspiring and ground-breaking ideas for new features to adopt into the AppsAnywhere platform, we dwindled it down to two. These two were 'A more detailed admin dashboard' & 'Introductory Gamification'.

Meet the Teams

Feature 1

A More Detailed Admin Dashboard

To evolve the admin dashboard into a hub of extensive information for the admins. Still incorporating statistics from AppsAnywhere Analytics, but also displaying; system status, upcoming expirations, application by delivery methods, AppsAnywhere announcements, latest releases, and support documents.

Feature 2

Introductory Gamification

Utilizing gamification for all user types across all areas of the AppsAnywhere platform to ultimately improve student outcomes.

Adam, Vu, Jeremy, Jeff, Martin, Lewis

Romya, Zach, Emily, Chris, Umais, James

Watch the Highlights

Behind the Scenes

Our Winners

A More Detailed Admin Dashboard

Congratulations to Team 1, for expertly creating the foundations and outlining the plan of action toward a more detailed admin dashboard. Following a widgetized approach to information display that has the capability to pull information from all aspects of AppsAnywhere from Analytics, Forum, and Academy, and is entirely customizable by the users providing a truly unique and immersive experience.

Roll on AppsAnywhere Fest 2023!

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