How does it work?

We call it Unified Application Delivery. By integrating with a range of leading deployment technologies (e.g. Microsoft SCCM/App-V, VMware, Cloudpaging), we enable organizations to deliver all their software apps to all employees and all devices, from a single web portal.

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Application delivery methods supported by AppsAnywhere

Once the delivery technologies have been integrated with AppsAnywhere, we use a proprietary tech called Smart Prioritization. We scan the device that’s being used to understand the context: is the device on or off site? What’s the OS? Is it user owned or corporately-managed? What’s the geographical location, which country is it being accessed from?

Smart Prioritization in AppsAnywhere

Smart Prioritization then launches the app using the delivery method that works best, based on the user’s particular individual circumstances, the type of app being delivered, and whether there’s any specific licensing restrictions. This all happens in the background, in no time at all, each time the user logs into AppsAnywhere (in a process called validation). Preferred delivery methods can be set using a simple drag-and-drop interface in the admin section.

How it works, in a nutshell…

  1. Add an app and set all applicable delivery methods. Order them in terms of preference (Smart Prioritization)
  2. Set access restrictions, namely the OS, device, location and whether the device is user or corporate-owned
  3. Provision user access, setting who can access what (we integrate with Active Directory and Azure AD)
  4. Deploy the apps to the AppsAnywhere access portal, ready to be run by employees on any device

Access apps, anywhere.

All you need is a device and a browser. When an app’s launched, AppsAnywhere automatically chooses the most appropriate technology to use to deliver it (based on location, OS & device), without the user needing to do anything other than click ‘launch’.

All your apps in one place.

You’re aware of VDI sprawl, but ‘portal sprawl’ is another real problem. No other technology can bring desktop, mobile and web apps all together in the same place, ready to use on any device.

100% of your apps.

Legacy, ‘heavyweight’, 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, old versions of Java, .NET… No matter what type of app your users need, it’ll be supported by AppsAnywhere.

  • 100

    % of apps

  • 12

    delivery methods

  • 1

    point of access

How does it help?

By bringing everything together in one place, AppsAnywhere helps your workforce to get more done; whether it’s speeding up the time it takes end-users to get their software, or freeing up IT to be more efficient and concentrate on what’s important.

  • End-users

    Users want to get on with their work. AppsAnywhere's intuitive user experience gives employees all their software in one location.

  • IT pro's

    A 'single pane of glass' overview of your software estate makes managing, deploying and updating a more efficient process.

  • Decision-makers

    Streamline current infrastructure, migrate to the latest Windows OS, reduce the burden on IT and save money on software licenses.

More highlights...

  • Keep software up to date

    Managing software from a central location makes it easy to update and roll-out the latest version.

  • Usage monitoring

    See which apps are being used and which aren't, so you can find out where you can save on licensing.

  • Application compliance

    A series of deployment controls enable IT to comply with strict licensing restrictions, on a per-app basis.

  • Legacy application support

    Deploy valuable business apps written for older OS versions and make the move to the latest version of Windows.

  • Cloud-ready

    AppsAnywhere can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. All major cloud platforms are supported, including Azure and AWS.

  • Desktops and apps

    Users can launch both apps and desktops from directly within AppsAnywhere. We also support HTML5 application delivery.

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