Introducing Parallels RAS Integration with AppsAnywhere v2.3

In our latest release (AppsAnywhere v2.3) we’ve added a series of key updates, including greater support for international users and our exciting integration with another leading application delivery technology: Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS).

AppsAnywhere gives organizations greater flexibility over how they deploy software, in a way that improves both IT efficiency and the end-users’ experience. It does this by combining all the tools that are commonly used by IT teams worldwide, including Microsoft SCCM and App-V, Cloudpaging, VMware and Citrix.

Our latest integration combines the power of AppsAnywhere’s Unified Application Delivery with Parallels’ revolutionary RAS technology, to enable organizations to fulfil their dream of distributing any app to any device, regardless of operating system, location and device type.

Getting Windows apps to non-Windows devices often proves to be a headache for many companies, and usually involves one of two things: either six-figure IT investment (and a complex VDI setup), or excessive amounts of IT’s efforts and time. By integrating with Parallels RAS in AppsAnywhere v2.3, organizations can deploy remote applications and virtual desktops to users on ANY device, at a fraction of the cost of traditional desktop virtualization solutions.

And for the first time, AppsAnywhere now fully supports the delivery of Windows apps to Chromebooks and Linux, alongside macOS, iOS and Android, and of course all versions of Windows, too. And as usual, it does this all from a single app store-style portal, where users are presented with just one launch button for each of the apps they need. Our proprietary Smart Prioritization technology then automatically figures out the best way to get that app to the user’s device.

Parallels RAS is a remote application and virtual desktop solution. By deploying software to a centralized server, users can access any Windows app remotely, and Windows desktops virtually. IT can then manage and update all those apps with ease, using AppsAnywhere to deploy them via either the Native Client (available for macOS and Windows) or using our HTML5 client. That means employees can access apps on any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. Parallels RAS can also be used in conjunction with Cloudpaging and application virtualization technology, so you can use your existing packages to deliver apps via the Parallels server.

We’re also shipping the latest version with multi-lingual support and a new user welcome tour.

Find out more about Parallels RAS at their website >

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