Enhance the user experience of your existing VDI.

Deliver your Horizon virtual desktops and apps alongside your other application delivery mechanisms to access and manage everything from a single pane of glass, on any device, anywhere.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Simply put, VDI is a way of delivering OS desktops (and apps), which are remotely located in a centralized data center, to users on any device. A form of Desktop Virtualization, VDI specifically uses Virtual Machines, allowing users to either connect to the same desktop every time for a personalized experience (Persistent VDI), or be presented with a completely new, fresh desktop each time they login (Non-Persistent VDI).

The benefits of this technology come with having a centralized desktop estate: making it easier for IT to manage and update all their computing environments, whilst providing a consistent and secure point of access for end-users, anywhere and on any device.

VMware AppsAnywhere Integration

Supported VMware technologies

We’ve integrated with VMware’s proprietary technologies to improve how you deliver apps to end-users, including VMware Horizon (allowing access to both Horizon desktops and apps through AppsAnywhere) and VMware ThinApp (application virtualization technology).

  • VMware Horizon

    Deploy both Horizon desktops and apps from directly within AppsAnywhere, giving your users one point of access for all their software.

  • VMware ThinApp

    Isolate software from its native OS to eliminate application conflict, streamline application management and accelerate app deployment.

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