Supercharge your existing Microsoft delivery tools.

Bring your existing Microsoft application deployment technologies to life with AppsAnywhere: one single pain of glass for both your IT department and your end-users, to make software delivery better for everyone.

Leading out-of-the-box delivery tools

When it comes to software management, Microsoft’s application delivery tools are used by a large number of enterprises worldwide. They offer a variety of ways to deploy, provision, update and manage software apps across an organization’s entire Windows user base.

Whether it’s using SCCM to enable end-users to select, install and run their software, App-V to package and virtualize their applications, or RemoteApp to deliver Windows apps to remote devices using RDS/Terminal Services. AppsAnywhere brings all of these readily-available Microsoft technologies into one place, giving users a single point of access to get software regardless of their device.

AppsAnywhere also connects with both Azure AD and Active Directory, and reads their structure. Once users, groups and machines are imported, apps can be provisioned accordingly.

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Supported Microsoft application delivery

We’ve built a deep integration with Microsoft’s leading software deployment tools, including System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), App-V (application virtualization), and RemoteApp. AppsAnywhere can also download, deploy and execute Windows install files.

  • SCCM

    Give your Software Center apps a beautiful user interface. After first launch AppsAnywhere recognizes the software is locally-installed and launches it instantly.

  • App-V

    If you're already using App-V to virtualize some of your software estate, you can deploy those apps through AppsAnywhere without needing to repackage them.

  • RemoteApp

    Make the most of Microsoft's remote desktop service to deliver apps running remotely on an end-user's device, exactly as if they were running on the local computer.

Powerful and secure single sign-on with Azure AD.

Harness the power of Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory to bring the security benefits and simplicity of single sign-on to your workforce. Sign in to any Office 365 app and get instant access to AppsAnywhere, with a handy shortcut tile in your 365 dashboard.

AppsAnywhere makes the management of an RDS environment a lot more scalable.

Windows 10 migration projects

AppsAnywhere makes migrating your application estate to the latest version of Microsoft Windows a much easier task. By separating your apps from the operating system, AppsAnywhere enables you to bring 100% of your business software to Windows 10, so you can start realizing added security, user experience and support benefits. And yes, we can even migrate legacy Windows XP or 7 apps, apps that require older versions of java or .NET, or even apps that were written for DOS.

  • Migrate legacy apps

    Use apps that were written for Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 on Windows 10

  • Future-proof upgrades

    Separate your apps from your OS and simplify ALL your future OS upgrades

  • Increased IT security

    Realize the added security benefits that come with the latest Windows OS

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