A new paradigm in application delivery.

Seamless integration between AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging allows you to package, provision, virtualize and deliver ALL your apps on-demand. 100% performance, 0% installation.

What is application virtualization?

The easiest way to explain application virtualization is to think of it like accessing an online video. Once the software is accessed by the end-user, it’s effectively ‘streamed’ on-demand from a central location directly to the local device. The app then runs on that device, harnessing the full power of all the local resources available.

That means the app can fully interact with the local operating system and other installed apps and drivers, giving the user the same experience as if the app were actually installed, without needing to wait for installation and without any of the complications associated with pixel streaming or accessing apps on a virtual desktop.

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Benefits of Cloudpaging

Numecent’s Cloudpaging application virtualization technology makes life easier for everyone; it saves organisations money, reduces the burden on IT departments, and gives employees and users the flexibility to work anywhere on any device.

  • 100% of Windows apps

    Cloudpaging is different to other virtualization solutions like ThinApp and App-V. Its unique approach to application layering allows you to virtualize 100% of Windows software.

  • Top performance

    Virtualized software feels exactly as if it were installed on the local device, including GPU/CPU heavy apps. And because it runs locally, you don't need an expensive infrastructure.

  • On-demand, install-free

    Because the apps are virtualized and 'Cloudpaged' to the end-user's device, there's no need to wait for the software to install. Every app is available at the touch of a button.

How does Cloudpaging work?

  • 1. Package apps

    Package [Cloudify] any Windows software just once and set the controls for on-demand delivery

  • 2. Upload to server

    Upload packaged applications to the Cloudpaging server, either in the cloud or on-premises

  • 3. Deliver apps

    Access and launch the virtual apps through AppsAnywhere and run as if they were installed

Before Cloudpaging we could only virtualize half our apps, and delivering 210 applications in a single image was getting uncontrollable. Of the virtualization technologies we've explored, Cloudpaging is by far the best... We now virtualize 95% of our apps and can offer software across campus, not just in our college.

Secure, on-demand application deployment with total license control

  • ALL your apps

    Deliver all your critical business apps, even those with plugins, drivers, and complex installers

  • Highly secure

    Applications are encrypted and compressed before delivery, reducing piracy risk and data theft

  • Top performance

    Utilize local GPU/CPU & deliver apps that work as if they were installed, unlike pixel streaming

  • Licensing reports

    Provision software based on license requirements and see how each app is used by end users

  • Cost-effective

    Software runs on the end device, so the back-end infrastructure is minimal compared to VDI

  • Run apps offline

    Keep users happy whilst centrally maintaining license controls even when they are offline.

Any Windows app on-demand.