Meet AppsAnywhere.

Public sector IT’s new best friend.
  • Reduce license costs

    Get in-depth insight into software licensing, including stats like peak concurrency and least-used apps.

  • Increase IT efficiency

    Deploying apps on demand to reduce your image size by 75% and to cut packaging time by 50%

  • Empower your workers

    Self-service access to software on-demand mobilises the workforce to increase productivity.

Why should the public sector use an enterprise app store?

App stores can enable government organizations such as local authorities, hospitals and emergency services to become more efficient, effective and drive down costs. Sure, that’s what everyone says, right?

In the age of austerity trying to do more with less just doesn’t work. Things have to be done differently; the system has to change. Delivering apps using a self-service app store provides a range of benefits across the organization and delivers a better user experience. It’s a win-win.

Unlock the benefits that come with a truly mobile workforce.

AppsAnywhere provides the 21st Century IT flexibility that modern employees crave. Users can access the software they need, wherever they need it, on their own device, anytime.

Reduce cost and increase IT efficiency. Simple.

We all know about austerity. It’s a horrible word. App stores genuinely drive down costs, by freeing up valuable computing space for other uses and by reducing expensive unused assets.

Empower your workforce with an intuitive IT experience.

Self-service access to software isn’t just a nice-to-have; it fundamentally increases productivity and reduces downtime, by providing a single point of access for all enterprise apps.

A better way to access apps.

Public sector organizations typically have in excess of 500 different software titles, which usually all involve different deployment methods. That’s where app stores come in; one single point of access for all apps, on any device in any location. That gives a consistent user-friendly experience that saves workers time and the organization money. Everyone’s a winner.

  • Desktop apps

    Access 100% of desktop programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe CC, both on Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Mobile apps

    AppsAnywhere integrates with the leading public app stores, so you can point to corporate IT-approved mobile apps.

  • Web/SaaS apps

    Launch web-based applications directly from within AppsAnywhere, including Office365 and Salesforce.

With nearly 20,000 users, Imperial College London uses AppsAnywhere to deploy a wide range of up-to-date apps to any device, freeing up valuable computing real estate and cutting IT support tickets by 50%.

AppsAnywhere highlights:

  • Self-service apps

    Reduce helpdesk support calls and make employees’ IT experience more awesome.

  • Better management of IT

    Cut down the time to deploy software and update apps quicker than ever before.

  • Software licensing controls

    Comply with vendors’ software licensing restrictions on a per-app basis.

  • Custom branding controls

    Customize AppsAnywhere with company logos, branding and corporate colors.

  • Support legacy apps

    Migrate your legacy applications to the latest version of Windows.

  • Corporate-grade security

    Stay on top of cyber security by auto-deploying the latest apps.

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    Apps. Anywhere, anytime.

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Reduce IT costs and mobilise your workforce.