AppsAnywhere for financial services.

Helping financial institutions improve IT security, migrate to the latest Windows OS and improve the end-user experience, by delivering 100% of apps on-demand to any device from just one secure workspace.
  • Keep your software estate up-to-date

    Roll-out the latest versions of apps and critical updates from a central location and protect your organization from security vulnerabilities

  • Migrate 100% of apps to Windows 10

    Deliver all your software separately from the OS, even legacy and in-house apps, and seamlessly migrate to the latest version of Windows.

  • Grant access to only those who need it

    Our provisioning controls help you choose which employees get which apps on which devices, to prevent unauthorized software usage.

How does AppsAnywhere help financial institutions?

Financial institutions have a particularly complex IT environment and face a unique set of challenges when it comes to application delivery and deployment. AppsAnywhere helps financial institutions consolidate their many delivery tools to provide a seamless IT experience with one consistent view for administrators and end-users, whatever the device or location.

With such a breadth of applications, a combination of off-the-shelf and in-house developed software (many of them with dependencies), AppsAnywhere simplifies the user experience and helps you make the move to the lastest OS, while guaranteeing licensing compliance and organizational security.

Bring your legacy and in-house apps to Windows 10.

Whether you’ve got apps that are heavyweight, legacy, 32-bit, 64-bit, XP, Vista, 7 or, 8, AppsAnywhere helps you migrate them to Windows 10, so you can take advantage of the latest OS.

All your apps in one place, on any device, whatever the delivery method.

Unify your application estate and give employees just one location and one launch button to get all their apps, whether they’re locally installed, delivered through VDI, provisioned through SCCM/App-V or made available through remote application solutions like Parallels RAS.

Force software updates and guarantee version control.

By having a central location to manage and access apps, IT can auto-deploy the latest version of apps and push out critical updates, to prevent any key security vulnerabilities. Users are automatically given the latest version next time they access their apps.

Access software remotely within a highly secure environment.

It goes without saying that employees at financial institutions need to use apps that handle sensitive data. AppsAnywhere delivers those apps from a secure and locked-down environment, so you can make sure that only those with granted permissions have access.

Integrate delivery tools and make things easier for IT and employees.

The complex nature of IT within financial institutions means that there’s no single application delivery method that satisfies all use cases. It might be that some apps need to be kept on-site and delivered through a remote application session for security reasons, some apps might be best kept in the main image or provisioned through Microsoft SCCM, and the other apps might be delivered on-demand using virtualization to simplify the internal IT infrastructure.

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Unify application delivery methods with AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere brings together all these delivery methods in one single portal, with one point of access for all users regardless of the device they’re using. With AppsAnywhere, users don’t need to search different places for their apps; they know exactly where to go to get whatever they need to get their job done.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    AppsAnywhere supports the leading VDI solutions, including Parallels RAS and VMware Horizon, to securely deliver apps and desktops on-demand.

  • Application virtualization

    Virtualize your applications using Numecent Cloudpaging (capable of virtualizing 100% of Windows apps) or deploy your existing App-V packages.

  • Remote Desktop Services

    Integrate AppsAnywhere with Parallels Remote Application Server to deliver software to Windows, macOS, Chromebooks and tablets.

Securely deliver apps to any device.