Say hello to AppsAnywhere.

The next best thing in enterprise IT.
  • Enable remote working

    Mobilise your workforce by making software available on demand, on any device, anywhere.

  • Efficient IT support

    Cut help desk support tickets and requests for software by deploying all your apps on demand.

  • Reduce license costs

    Get in-depth insight into software licensing, including stats like peak concurrency and least-used apps.

What is a self-service enterprise app store?

Enterprise app stores are a way for staff to access all the software they need to work, from a single web-based portal. They provide a way for corporate IT to distribute software and manage licensing from a central location (using a variety of delivery methods), for staff on any device in any location, and on-demand too.

By using a self-service app store (so-called because staff can access their software without needing to request it from corporate IT), enterprises can securely and rapidly deploy software to staff, speeding up the on-boarding process, simplifying the software update procedure and supporting a true bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

This is IT for the 21st century business.

Integrate with the app delivery tools you already use.

AppsAnywhere supports a multitude of IT environments, including Cloudpaging, Microsoft SCCM & App-V, Parallels, Citrix and VMware. Nurture your existing infrastructure and integrate with Active Directory, to allow single sign-on.

Save money on licensing and guarantee compliance.

Centrally-manage software licenses and set access criteria on a per-app basis, to ensure all restrictions are met. AppsAnywhere presents a range of reports so you can see where you’re spending money on software that’s not being used.

Give employees the IT experience they expect.

Delivering all your apps through one easy-to-use ‘app store’ portal is a dream for both IT and app consumers in the enterprise workplace. Users expect IT and software to just work when they need it to. 100% performance, 0% hassle.

Enable BYOD and be IT heroes.

There’s a reason people love to use app stores: getting the software you need exactly when you need it is so much more effective than requesting software from corporate IT. On top of that, AppsAnywhere enables employees to work on any device in any location, regardless of whether they’re using a corporate desktop or whether the software they need is already installed.

With AppsAnywhere they have just one single point of access for all apps, which gives them a more user-friendly experience and saves IT’s time. Welcome to the world of flexible, remote working.

  • Corporate desktops

  • Personal laptops

  • Mobiles and tablets

AppsAnywhere enables The City of Copenhagen to centrally manage, provision and distribute all their software titles to users, across different locations, operating systems and devices, whether they're managed machines or BYO devices.

AppsAnywhere highlights:

  • Self-service apps

    Reduce helpdesk support calls and make employees’ IT experience more awesome.

  • Better management of IT

    Cut down the time to deploy software and update apps quicker than ever before.

  • Software licensing controls

    Comply with vendors’ software licensing restrictions on a per-app basis.

  • Custom branding controls

    Customize AppsAnywhere with company logos, branding and corporate colors.

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    Apps. Anywhere, anytime.

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Give staff an awesome IT experience.