Delivering software to 40,000 devices across the City of Copenhagen

The Children and Youth Administration Department in the City of Copenhagen faced a unique challenge: how to provide one consistent service for staff and students to get software on their own devices.

Software application deployment can be challenging for organizations at the best of times, but no more so than when it comes to delivering apps to 72 different schools totalling more than 37,000 students and staff. The City of Copenhagen were looking for a solution to do just that: one consistent and familiar point of access to software across the state-owned school system, regardless of whether students are using managed machines or their own devices.

Not only does that make life easier for the students, but having one system also makes managing software a lot simpler for the IT administrators, helping them improve the efficiency with which they deliver apps. The Administrative Resource Centre based in central Copenhagen manage more than 40,000 devices across the 72 different schools in the district.

Previously they had been using traditional FAT installation methods to deliver applications to their managed IT estates. But using a variety of software ‘images’ to make this happen was becoming a chore; multiple large images were needed, making the update and roll-out process very challenging indeed. On top of that, there was an ever-increasing demand by staff, students and their parents to make the software used on a daily basis in the classroom available on students’ home devices, so they could extend their learning vocabulary.









Solving major application deployment challenges with AppsAnywhere

After reviewing multiple technology products from major names such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, the team felt that AppsAnywhere suited the needs of the students, schools and IT more than a traditional VDI solution. This was for several key reasons:

  1. No additional infrastructure was needed for the AppsAnywhere solution
  2. The IT teams at the City of Copenhagen could save time on MSI packaging (which nobody liked doing!)
  3. Software no longer had to be bundled into multiple, large images
  4. AppsAnywhere made their Windows 10 upgrade project a lot simpler
  5. With AppsAnywhere, upgrades and patches could be applied at any point during the semester
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